Fanjoy is the world's leading YouTube influencer merchandising incubator. It develops branding, design, production, fulfillment, and social advertising for top influencer brands. As the Creative Director and second employee, I worked with the founder to establish the company's brand identity and voice. I hired and managed a 7-person team of creatives while overseeing the strategic vision and design direction for over 50 lines of client merchandise. In my first year, Fanjoy grossed over $35 million in merchandise sales and grew from 30k packages per year to 830k(4,782%).

Unlike the ad world, the youtube influencer world throws all subtlety out the window. Case in point, Jake Paul creating a Christmas-themed, "Fanjoy To The World" music video with the chorus “Buy that merch, buy that merch, buy that merch”. We even snuck in a free shipping plug for orders over $100. I worked directly with Jake Paul to create a youth, adult, and accessory Christmas line for his millions of young fans. The video has over 16.8 million views to date.

In addition to building the company brand and managing a killer team, I also worked directly with the company's biggest clients, molding their interests into custom apparel and accessories that aligned with their personal brand and resonated with their follower base: 

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